Here’s How it Works

  1. Find a can.

Find a can that opens with a tab. It might be pop, juice, cat food, olives or any other can of your choice.

  1. Remove the tab.

Remove the tab by bending it back and forth or twisting it a little.

  1. Fill a container.

Put the tab into a container of your choice.

  1. Drop off the tabs.

Once your container is full, bring it to a drop-off location.


Drop-off locations:


  • The cafeteria at Sick Kids

The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

  • Variety Village

3701 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario


Newfoundland or Labrador:

  • Any United Church will take them.


Other areas in Canada:

Please contact us for other drop-off locations in Canada or to make other arrangements. CONTACT US

You may also collect the tabs and take them to your nearest metal recycler to sell for cash. A cheque made out to The Robert Hampson Tabs for Kids Fund can then be sent to:


The Robert Hampson Tabs for Kids Fund
12 Riverview Drive
Toronto, ON
M4N 3C5


  1. Sort the tabs.

When the tabs get to my house, we search through them and remove anything that isn’t a tab. You wouldn’t believe the things we find—plastic bread tabs, jewelry, batteries, old food (yuk!) and bottle caps. Then the tabs go into plastic boxes that are stored in my garage.

  1. Sell the tabs.

When we have a carload of tabs (700 poounds), we drive to a metal recycling depot. This is a place where you can sell scrap metal so that it can be melted down and used again. The tabs are put into a container to be weighed. Each pound of aluminum is worth between 65 and 80 cents per pound. We are paid for the aluminum in cash. Did you know there are about 1450 tabs in a pound?

  1. Buy a wheelchair.

When there is enough money it’s time to buy a wheelchair. The wheelchairs we have bought cost between $1500 and $8200.



800 pounds of tabs!

16 marty and robert

Cash for tabs!








Link to a container cover for your tabs:

Click here for a PDF file


Link to a poster:

Click here for a PDF File


Link to President’s Choice Children’s Charity:

Home Page:

Application for equipment: